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Thursday, October 13, 2011

October 13, 2011--The new learning curve

It's been quite some time since I have blogged...too busy trying to get jobs as a book reviewer and trying to send out a number of queries to find that extra time to blog...
Today, though I wanted to say that I am finally getting a grip on some of the new technology out there. I had to buy a Kindle a couple of weeks ago in order to receive some galleys for reviews, so I have been in the process of learning how to use it. I've discovered I like the ease of ordering free or discounted books off of the Amazon store (not to mention that books arrive silently to the device, so no one but me knows I have ordered something.) Today I wanted to learn how to send things to my Kindle off of my computer. I have several files on my computer that I need to read in the next couple of weeks but won't be near my computer for part of that time. So, I knew it was possible to send files, but didn't know how to do it.
But, I am happy to report that after an hour and a half struggle, I now have three files added to my Kindle library!
I had to set up a free kindle email and allow access on my Kindle account for files to come through my gmail account before anything would stick. I don't understand how it all works; I am grateful that it did work!
So, for all those a bit leery of all the new technology, my advice is to struggle a bit, overcome the fear and frustration as the convenience in the end is worth it.