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Thursday, September 1, 2011

September 1, 2011--Rabbit, Rabbit...

And another month is gone, just like that. I know in essence what I did during the month of August but at odd moments, I reflect on where the time went and all the things I didn't do...more kayaking, another swim in the lake, a trip to the coast for steamers...little, summery things that got put on hold while we focused on preparing for winter, which is why our woodshed is completely full right now (an all-time first).
I also know I have worked hard at taking more time to write each day and more time on promoting myself as a writer, both of which are beginning to pay off. I have three places to write book reviews for with the potential of another site in the near future. I won't get rich by any of this work, but it does bring me one step closer to my goal of being able to support myself and my family on just my writing. And I am reading all kinds of interesting, thought-provoking books, which stir my creative juices in big ways.
So, although the days are definitely getting shorter and the early mornings and late evenings cooler, I am not really saddened by it. Long winter evenings curled in a chair by the stove, reading and writing doesn't sound like such a bad thing right now.

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  1. Dear Lee,
    Came to your blog via the MatadorU thread. Like your musings about time and work. Isn't it strange how life slips by "just like that".?

    If your woodshed is full, and you can make time to curl up by the fire and read and write you are in heave. Look forward to your posts on the U.