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Saturday, November 19, 2011

November 19, 2011-- The days roll on by...

The days grow shorter, the list of work yet to do before snow blankets the entire ground thankfully grows shorter, the time spent on personal writing grows shorter... as I struggle to make ends meet just before the holidays arrive. Fortunately I am picking up more book review work which is taking the place of the computer job I have had for the past 17 months. I'm happy about that as I'd much rather write reviews than do what I do for a steady paycheck (all hush-hush stuff that I am not allowed to discuss, which just makes it all the more ludicrous.) 
And thanks to a much needed kick in the butt by my therapist of all people, I am back to writing my memoir about my childhood in Mexico. I am starting over from page one, pulling in odd bits from essays I wrote ages ago and making it swirl into a cohesive unit. I am finally excited about this project again!
And excited that I just landed a review to the Christian Science Monitor as well as another in  The Writer.
I'm also working on putting together a website, a more daunting task than I first realized. Once I have more of it together, I will let you know.
Thanks for staying with me, you know who you are... I appreciate the support even when I'm not here on the page.

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