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Thursday, March 10, 2011

March 10, 2010--Another snowy day...

Winter does not want to let go as the snow continues to fall today and into the night. I know the calendar says it is March 10th, the basketball games and tournaments on television say it's March, the sun now higher in the sky also indicates we are in the third month of the year and rapidly approaching spring, and yet, it continues to snow. Any other year I would be ranting by now, or deeply moody/depressed because of the endless gray and snowy days. This time round it's different and I'm not sure quite why. Maybe because I am a bit less stressed than in previous years as I am not under pressure to meet deadlines for school. Maybe because my new exercise routine started in January is almost to the habit stage; if I miss more than two days, I feel crummy, which is how I used to feel when I did exercise. Maybe it's the momentum of planning trips and house projects for the spring and just feels like this year is so full of energy and potential, that a little bit of snow isn't going to bring me down. I like these days when I can work a full day at the office and then putter in the house and feel like I have accomplished a lot. If it was summer and I spent an hour cleaning out the closet, I'd feel I'd wasted time. All too soon there will be a lot more to do outside. I'm  looking forward to, but am also relishing these last few lazy days before the rush of spring and summer hit. All too soon it will be time to tap trees, start plants in the greenhouse, work the garden beds, rake, mow, etc. etc. and there won't be so much time to just sit with a cup of tea and read by the fire. The more I think about the energy needed for what lies ahead, the more I think winter really isn't a bad season at all.

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