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Friday, March 18, 2011

March 18, 2011--Mud season, March madness...

Mud season has arrived in a flash. Two days ago it was snowing and today, cars were bottoming out on the road. We are faced with three options for the next couple of weeks: 1) using the truck and mud running the road when we need to get in and out, usually with the groceries and/or gasoline for the generator, 2) only using the car in the early morning or late at night when the road is somewhat frozen, 3) parking at the top of the hill and walking in 1.5 miles to the house, which requires two sets of shoes--mud boots for the walk and regular shoes for use in the car, around town etc.
It is also March madness and since I live with a huge basketball fan, especially of women's college basketball, the next couple of weeks will find me alone on the computer while one game after another is seen on the television.
I don't mind either situation...they are both signs that spring is definitely on the way, that we have survived the worst of this winter, that the wood did hold out (just barely), that the sap will continue to flow for another couple of weeks.
There are a couple of things I do mind, though: 1) is that my winter's exercise program has not yielded as rapid results as I would like which means I either have to up my efforts even more, cut back on a bit more food once again, or both if I am to make it into the bathing suit I want to wear in HI in June, and 2)suddenly, it feels like winter went by too quickly as I look around at the list of things I wanted to do this winter and still haven't done, like the photos waiting to go into albums.
Oh well, maybe during the long, lazy evenings of summer those will get checked off. In the meantime, I must haul out the mud boots, find the lighter weight jackets, and take the down comforter off the bed.

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