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Sunday, March 6, 2011

March 6, 2011--Three hours of sleep...

I've had about three hours of sleep since Saturday morning at 5:30, which is not even my normal time to wake up but 6:30 or 6:45 am.
Yule needed a ride to Portland last night to catch the 3:15 am bus to Boston leading to his 6:10 am flight from Boston to Phoenix to Honolulu. Instead of going to bed last night around 9:00 pm  and getting up at 12:00 am like my smart husband, I stayed up with Yule to visit. After all, it was his last night here, why waste it sleeping? So we chatted on the couch and watched a vampire/werewolf movie, called (something,) Rise of the Lycans.
Fortunately I didn't drive home because by 4:30, somewhere around Augusta, I had terrible trouble keeping my eyes open. I kept drifting off, only to jerk them open again a few seconds/minutes later. I struggled to stay awake though as the roads were so wet, so filled with huge puddles of muddy water trapped on the road by the big banks of snow on either side, that I wanted to help navigate, chat with Jeff, so he would stay awake and keep us on the road.
We finally slid into the  icy parking area by the house about 5 am and went immediately to bed, only to wake at 8:30 am when the cats began to meow for breakfast.
Today, the house feels empty, like a vacuum sucked all the energy out of it. Yule has gone back to HI (to return next winter perhaps?), Johann has gone back to school in Calais and Finn is up in Jackman. We are the only two stumbling around in the very empty house now, weary, a bit weepy, lethargic from the lack of sleep and the endless rain pouring down outside. It will take a couple of days to reestablish an equilibrium here as the past two weeks have been in high gear with three teenage boys in, out, and about.
We will move back into our own routines, following the patterns we've set for ourselves of work, play, etc. and that's okay. It gives us energy for when any or all of the boys are here again. Too bad it can't be next week!

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