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Friday, March 11, 2011

March 11, 2011--Earthquakes and tsunamis and heavy rain....

What is happening to the Earth? Today we woke to the news of the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan, followed by the threat of the tsunami in Hawaii, where my son lives. I immediately turned on the television and the computer to get any and all coverage of the unfolding stories. Watching the videos of the tsunami in Japan only heightened my anxiety for my son in Oahu. I called him twice and finally got a return call about fifteen minutes after my second one to him. He was attempting to sleep in his girlfriend's apartment on the 13th floor of a building near Waikiki and assured me he was safe and he was going back to sleep. So, I watched the water surge forward and suck back like some strange water breathing alien for the next several hours on the live stream video from Hawaii News Now. It was creepy to see the reef get exposed off of Diamond Head, reef that has never been exposed suddenly empty of water. I think it was even more creepy and odd since it was still dark and only parts of the water and reef were visible due to some floodlights a house owner had turned on to shine on the beach. I kept wondering when the mega wave was going to appear on the right side of my computer screen, but am glad that it never happened.
I think about the recent earthquakes in the past couple of years: Haiti, Chile, New Zealand, Japan and wonder where the next one will hit. I think it will be CA, as they are overdue for a big quake and it seems the whole Pacific Rim is active at this point.
I am grateful the damage in HI was relatively small, no lives lost and am sad to see the videos of the destruction in Japan--I wish those people all the best.

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