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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March 8, 2011--Two different seasons in the same day...

We woke this morning to a world transformed into glass. Or at least it looked that way as all the trees, ground, cars, and  house were covered in at least a quarter to half inch of ice. When the sun popped above the horizon, the world glistened and sparkled as the light struck every facet of ice and reflected and refracted that light. The birch trees, although bent way over from the weight of the ice, were the most spectacular as the tips of each branch glowed a light pink, giving the whole tree a warm rose tint.
We had to drive to Portland today and took the back roads to Waterville, over Eaton Mt. Everything there was more burdened down than here with many trees drooped over the roadsides. Despite the slippery spots on the roads where water had overflowed the ditches full of snow, the drive was gorgeous. A true fairyland of glass in every direction.
In Portland, it was different though. It was sunny and relatively warm, about 42 degrees and it looks like the area only got rain. We wandered around town without our heavy winter coats and had the windows rolled down for part of the day. Since the sun was out all day, we figured we would arrive home to melted, wet-looking trees. No such luck; everything is still covered with ice here.
So, Portland is enjoying a taste of spring while we are encased in the deep freeze. It doesn't seem quite right since only a 100 miles or so separate the two places. But, that's one of the wonders of living in Maine.

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