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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March 15, 2011--Bleakness inside...

Today was a beautiful, warm, sunny day and all I've wanted to do  is cry. I feel such an emptiness, a bleakness inside. I think the daily news of Japan, the relentless pictures and videos that I've seen on the news, through my job, reading tweets and blogs and instant news results is taking its toll on my soul. I can't imagine how the Japanese, forced to live with the horror, are managing to survive.
And, it's not just Japan, but the rising oil and gas prices, the ever so slowly changing economy, the horror stories in the local paper and on the Internet of child abuse, child porn, rapes, and murders of women in foreign lands. I wonder how the sun can shine so brightly, the breeze feel so good on my skin when these atrocities are being committed on a daily and hourly basis. I wonder what has happened to man's basic humanity, how women can turn and abuse their own children... It sickens me to see the headlines of the rising number of child porn cases and abuse in the news. I think, how can anyone hurt a child like that and more importantly,  why would anyone want to hurt a child like that?
I feel such sadness today. My body wants to curl up someplace warm, dark, and safe and cry for all those who can't. It is a powerful urge, primal, as if Mother Earth herself is commanding me to let loose a flood of tears; it's not an option not to cry....

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  1. My dear sweet Lee,
    Yes, these horrors are incomprehensible. Why, why, why is the question that rolls around in our minds. The earthquake in Japan is an act of nature. Horrific as it is, there was no way to prevent it. The loss is staggering, catastrophic, and beyond belief. Each one of us must reach out to the people of Japan by finding some small way to contribute. Writing a personal letter just to express your concern, sending 5 or 10 dollars to an organization you can trust(AFSC comes to mind {"American Friends Service Committee"}a Quaker org. I trust). Something, action, a small token will help you and them deal with the crisis they are facing.
    The crimes against little children are hideous acts.
    The only way I can hope to make any difference to change these inhuman acts is to speak out when we see these horrors occur.
    It feels like the earth is imploding because of the abuses man has cast upon her.
    I think these abuses in turn reflect man's inhumanity towards man.
    When we headed towards the disasters of WWI and WWII people thought the world would come to an end. The inhumanity of the Nazis toward Jews and anyone else that opposed them was unspeakable. The world's religious leaders turned their backs (the Pope in Rome among others).
    Here in my own little world I grieve for the loss of my friend Berkley.
    I had a dream about her the other night.
    She was sitting next to me and I asked her if she sent me a 'sign' yet. She replied, "A sign, what do you mean a sign, I'm sitting right here next to you!" "Oh right", I said, "So what is it like out there?" Berkley replied, "It's not that different up here than it is down there".