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Saturday, March 12, 2011

March 12, 2011--Gloomy outside, colorful inside....

I know painting walls is best done when the weather is dry outside, but since my son, Yule, decided to fix some of the poor mud/tape job that we did years ago in the bathroom, we have reached the stage of having to paint or look at joint compound for the next several days. Since we are all tired of having everything from the bathroom scattered about the rest of the house, we opted to paint despite the rainy, foggy weather.
It's been gloomy outside for days but the bathroom is a cheery lilac/dusty rose purple which reminds me of spring flowers, warmer weather,and better days ahead.
After the devastation in Japan, Hawaii, and along the West coast, it seems a very small triumph to know I can put my bathroom back in order when there are people with no homes at all now...but it will be nice to make some order out of the chaos in this house and to rearrange things in the room so that it works more efficiently.
Since the bathroom is being renewed, I now want to move into other parts of the house that have been unfinished for years. The trouble with owner-built homes  is that you need a place to live so as soon as the basic structure is done, you move into the space you've just built, even if it isn't finished, This results in years going by before some things actually reach the finished stage. I am eager for the snow to melt, so we can use the truck to get flooring and cover up the old floor that sheds splinters at every step and more sheet rock to cover some of the insulation on the ceiling. Then, it will be nice to pick out other bright colors of paint to add to the walls, colors bright enough to dissipate the gloom of any rainy, muddy springs in the future.

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