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Saturday, March 19, 2011

March 19, 2011-- Supermoon...

They claim tonight's full moon will be a super moon event as the moon is the closest it gets to the earth in 18 years. So those of you younger than 18, this will be your first event... I wondered why my dreams last night were more intense than normal and expect I will have the same thing occur tonight.
I leave on Monday for Mérida, Mexico for a week. The Internet access will be sporadic while I am down there, so it's doubtful I will be posting any blogs for that length of time. But, hopefully when I get back on-line after the 28th, I will have new tales of Mexico to relate. I plan to visit some Mayan ruins, go to Progreso and Celestun, both on the Gulf of Mexico, do some archaeological research at the big museum in Mérida for my book, eat some good food and drink some cold beers.
I'll soak up some sun and heat and get to avoid mud season for a week :) Have a good one!

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  1. Hello Lee! I am Zin! Are you back from Mexico just in time for our April Fool snowstorm? Here at the coast in Portland it is mushy rain-snow, nasty for walking and driving. I am not exactly sure where you are but you will probably get more snow than rain? Ice maybe?
    Yucky! I hope you had a good time in Mexico and will tell us your tales.